The safety requirements and testing methods covered by this Standard apply to the electronic and electromechanical devices used in offices and schools typical work activities. Such devices include electronic typewriting machines, duplicating machines used to copy documents, electronic calculators, electronic boards, fax machines, and other office and school equipment. This Standard applies to both locally made and imported products.

The following are also considered by the Standard in accordance with general criteria in the field of certification:

  • Machines fed with sheets of paper where the size is less than or equal to 22 cm x 36 cm (office offset).
  • Ink-jet printing machines.
  • Electronic and electric typewriting machines with an embedded printing device.
  • Electronic calculators, accounting machines, other calculation equipment.
  • Electronic diaries or data storage devices.
  • Electronic translators.
  • Cash registers, point of sales equipment and similar.
  • Facsimile devices.

Note: Products powered by voltages of 24 V or lower are also excused, according to Article 10, Annex 2.4.1, NOMs Agreement. However, UL may issue the corresponding compliance certificate upon the client’s request.

Product standards can be found on the Secretary of Economy page dedicated to their standards catalog.