UL Standards for Safety are developed under a procedure which provides for participation and comment from the affected public as well as industry. The procedure takes into consideration a survey of known existing standards and the needs and opinions of a wide variety of interests concerned with the subject matter of the standard. Manufacturers, consumers, government officials industrial and commercial users, inspection authorities and others provide input to Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL).

All UL Standards can be ordered through comm-2000. Access their web site, http://www.comm-2000.com to order online. You can also check the UL Standards web pages, for more information.

Initially, you will need to purchase the UL Standard. UL offers a subscription service for an additional cost which allows you to receive any revision or new edition of the Standard for a three-year period. Subscription service can be obtained when you place your order for a UL Standard through commm 2000. Access their web site, http://www.comm-2000.com to find an office near you or to order online.

In order to determine which UL Standard applies, it is helpful to obtain UL’s Catalog of Standards, which lists UL’s Standards for Safety and provides prices and ordering information. This catalog, along with the scopes –brief descriptions of what the Standards cover — can be viewed in our Standards catalog.

The UL family of companies maintains a number of agreements, called memorandums of understanding (MOUs), with product testing and certification organizations in international markets. The MOU provides a mechanism for the two participating agencies to work toward mutual recognition of each other’s testing results for one or more specific product categories.

Our cooperative arrangements are structured in a way that permits us to help UL customers obtain the national marks of various countries in addition to the UL Mark.

UL’s International Compliance Services Department provides information on international standards under its standards inquiry service (SIS). SIS reports are available for all categories and all countries and include information on:

  1. National and international standards
  2. International certification regulations
  3. Submission procedures of international testing laboratories
  4. English translations of international specifications

Contact the ICS representative closest to you for more information.

UL offers the following test services through its International Compliance Services (ICS) Program:

  1. Concurrent Recognition or Listing and Classification Service — Products for distribution in the United States as well as for export can be investigated for compliance concurrently with UL and published international standards such as IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) and ISO (International Standards Organization). If the product complies with UL and international standards, it is permitted to display a special UL Mark indicating compliance with both Standards. Product inspections at the factory are required by UL’s Follow-Up Services.
  2. Classification Service– Some products produced for export only may require a UL Classification Mark to show that UL has found them to comply with published international standards only. The Mark will identify the particular international standard to which the product has been investigated. In this case, there is no investigation to UL Standards. Since the product will display a UL Classification Mark, UL factory Follow-Up Services are required.

Contact the ICS representative closest to you for more information.

Yes, UL will test to international standards if requested. If there is no UL Standard published for the particular category or if the customer does not desire Classification Service, UL will investigate in accordance to the international standard and will issue a letter-report. The letter-report will outline UL’s involvement in the investigation and will include a statement that no Follow-Up Service has been established and no reference to UL is permitted. In addition, where the investigation pertains to a product covered by a UL Standard, the letter will also include the disclaimer that the UL Standard was not involved in the investigation.

Under our Canadian Listing program, UL can test products to the appropriate Canadian standards. If the product is found to be in compliance, UL will issue a UL Listing, Classification or Recognition Marking with a small “c” as an identifier. In addition, UL introduced a new Listing Mark, the C-UL US Listing Mark, in early 1998. This Mark indicates compliance with both Canadian and U.S. requirements. The Canada/U.S. UL Mark is optional.