Hologram UL Marks are required in the following product categories.

CCN Product category
DUZX, DUZX7 Communications Cable
DVBI Communications Cable Verified to UL Performance Category Program
DVBI Data Transmission Cable Verified in Accordance With National or International Specifications
DVCS Community Antenna Television Cable
ELBZ, ELBZ7 Cord Sets and Power Supply Cords
ELEV, ELEV7 Seasonal Use Cord Sets
ELEI, ELEI7 Outdoor Seasonal Use Cord-Connected Wiring Devices
ENVS Electric Signs Verified for Energy Efficiency
DGZZ, DGZZ7 Strings, Decorative-Lighting
DGXS, DGSX7 Non-Integral (LED) Decorative Lighting Strings
DGXU, DGXU7 Drivers for Use with Non-Integral Light-Emitting-Diode (LED) Decorative Lighting Strings
DGXW, DGXW7 Outfits, Decorative
DGWU, DGWU7 Seasonal & Holiday Decorative Product Accessories
DGXC, DGXC7 Electric Ornaments
EMDV, EMDV7 Current Taps & Adapters
EMRB Data Processing Cable
GPRT, GPRT7 Fans, Ceiling – Suspended
GPWV, GPWV7 Fans, Electric
GPWX, GPWX7 Fans, Electric, Permanently Installed Type
HNHT Non-Power-Limited Fire-Alarm Cable
HNIR, HNIR7 Power-Limited Fire-Alarm Cable
IEUZ, IEUZ7 Fluorescent Surface Mounted Luminaires
IEVV, IEVV7 Fluorescent Recessed Luminaires
IEXT, IEXT7 High Intensity Discharge Surface Mounted Luminaires
IEXZ, IEXZ7 High Intensity Discharge Recessed Luminaires
IEZR, IEZR7 Incandescent Surface Mounted Luminaires
IEZX, IEZX7 Incandescent Recessed Luminaires
IFAH, IFAH7 Incandescent Recessed Luminaires, Convertible – Non – IC/IC
IFAM, IFAM7 Light-emitting Diode Surface-mounted Luminaires
IFAO, IFAO7 Light-emitting Diode Recessed Luminaires
IFAW, IFAW7 Canopy Luminaires
NYTT Instrumentation Tray Cable
PWIP Network Powered Broadband Communications Cable
QAYK, QAYK7 Optical Fiber Cable
QOYX, QOYX7 Nightlights
QOWC, QOWC7 Light-emitting Diode Nightlights
QOWZ, QOWZ7 Luminaires, Portable
QOVZ, QOVZ7 Light-emitting Diode Luminaires, Portable
QPCJ, QPCJ7 Portable Work Lights
QPTZ Power Limited Circuit Cable
QQFU, QQFU7 Power Supplies, General Purpose
VZCA, VZCA7 Surge Protective Devices
WGZR, WGZR7 Switches, Clock-operated
WJCT, WJCT7 Switches, Photoelectric
XBYS, XBYS7 Relocatable Power Taps
XOKV, XOKV7 Transformers, Class 2, Class 3
ZJCZ, ZJCZ7 Flexible Cord

UL will maintain Standard hologram labels for some products and these may be ordered directly from UL. Custom holographic labels must be purchased from UL’s supplier of holographic labels. More information is available for ordering custom holographic labels.