UL is different from other certification service providers.

UL’s Follow-Up Services distinguishes UL from other certification service providers and is fundamental to the integrity of the UL Mark that appears on 21 billion products annually. For a product to bear a UL Certification Mark, it must not only comply with the applicable requirements when initially evaluated but also maintain compliance with safety requirements as it is being produced on an ongoing basis. The Global Field Services team has been charged with verifying that product manufacturers maintain adequate production controls to achieve this level of ongoing compliance for products bearing the UL Certification Mark.

Maintaining the integrity behind the UL Mark.

UL Follow-Up Services are critical to maintaining the integrity of the UL Mark. Not only does UL evaluate samples of products in its laboratories, UL will regularly visit locations where UL Certified products are manufactured to verify that manufacturers maintain adequate controls to continually comply with current UL requirements. Throughout the lifetime of the UL certification, products undergo regular inspections at manufacturing facilities to verify continued compliance with requirements. To help achieve consistent and ongoing compliance, manufacturers must be aware of the requirements in UL’s Follow-Up Services Procedure and applicable standards as well as basic UL requirements for equipment calibration, proper application of the UL Mark and other topics.

UL partners with customers for a common goal.

UL representatives function as auditors to assist manufacturers in their efforts to maintain adequate controls and achieve ongoing compliance with UL Requirements. Manufacturers and UL share the common goal of seeing only those products fully complying with applicable safety requirements are produced and carry the UL Mark.


This valuable online resource has been developed for manufacturers new to the UL process as well as manufacturers who need to brush up on their knowledge of UL Follow-Up Services. FUStart helps prepare manufacturers for UL’s Follow-Up Services program through an introduction to the program, information on preparing for the first Follow-Up Services inspection, and an explanation of the manufacturer’s roles and responsibilities in the process.  Learn more.